My Setup

I am running Kali Linux on a Dell Latitude 7350 laptop. The OS is installed on a 512G external USB drive with persistence enabled. I thought it might be slow compared to a dual boot but not at all! For taking notes, I’m using Cherry Tree. It is a very nice app with a lot of options such as PDF export etc. My favourite proxy tool is Burp Suite. The community edition is awesome! and then in not a specific order, my fav tools are:
  • nmap
  • nikto
  • wpscan
  • linuxenum
  • foxy proxy (For Burp)
  • exploitdb
  • python -m SimpleHTTPServer 80 (To upload file on my target) – Somehow I cannot move to the Python3 version!!!
  • gobuster
  • hydra
  • seclists
  • wfuzz
  • John
For now I’m trying to avoid Metasploit. This is something you should use only when you understand how to do pen-testing the hard way.